Instant money transfer between banks.

No matter the time or day, TransferFast moves your money from bank to bank in just a few moments.

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TransferFast moves your money from bank to bank in just a few moments - as fast as intra-bank payments


Do not trust your money to anybody? TransferFast is a licensed payment institution and supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority.


We do not care about bank holidays. TransferFast works round the clock as well as weekends and Christmas Eve.

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TransferFast moves money between banks quickly and safely. Please see our terms of service. When in doubt consult a qualified specialist.

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Complete the payment order form (name, IBAN, amount, etc) just as in any other bank.

Fund the transaction with the fees (see Pricing). You can do it using the bank link (your home internet bank).

TransferFast makes an intra-bank transfer to the recipient's bank - money arrives in just a few moments.

TransferFast moves your money in a matter of moments.

TransferFast ~5 min

Regular SEPA payment ~150 min

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Please see Terms of Service and pricing.

Calculations are based on the current date and time. Transaction speed information is from public sources.